Friday, February 4, 2011

WOTD: 10lb Slimdown Yoga

This has been a lazy, snowed/iced-in week where I've sat at home in my PJs and have not worked out since Monday. I wanted to do some short workout indoors since I didn't feel like getting all bundled up to head to the gym. Although I have a few workout DVDs and weights at home, I decided to try something new. The television!

No, my workout did not consist of sitting on the couch, eating treats, and watching an hour of trash tv. I do that anyway. I browsed through the Verizon on demand channels and went to Health & Home --> Exercise TV --> Yoga & Pilates --> 10lb Slimdown Yoga. It was about a 20-minute yoga workout with Chris Freytag. Since I hadn't done yoga in a while, it felt pretty good. It was quick, gave me a good stretch, and helped shake me from my laziness. And I think I'm going to feel the burn from the chair poses and other squatting moves tomorrow.

So, if you're stuck indoors and want a convenient workout, and happen to have Verizon television on demand, try one of the workouts from Exercise TV. You can also go to for free workouts or to purchase DVDs.

Now that I'm alert, I think I'll actually get dressed and go grocery shopping...we do need to eat dinner tonight!

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