Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My 28 Items

Well, I finalized my 28 items for the remix challenge last night but didn't even put together an outfit for today (got the day off due to snow/ice on the roads and was sick, so lounged around in pjs all day). Even though I most likely won't share each outfit of the day throughout this challenge, I wanted to share the items I picked.

Okay, I just attempted to type out what each item is but I'm not very good at describing the colors and styles. I can just tell you that most of the shirts and sweaters are from Gap, Express, AT & Loft. Slacks and dress pants from Gap, jeggings from Express and F21, skirts from Loft and F21. Lace top from F21. Black blazer from Target (great find!). A random top from Nordstrom and one from Victoria's Secret. There is also a pair of black leggings and 5 pairs of of which have not been worn yet and are in the shoe box. Oh, and I threw in a black dress from The Limited. I have to admit that there are about 7-8 items here that I have never worn...some that still need the tags taken off. This is going to be fun!!


  1. oooh, can't wait to see your remix! love the knee-high boots. good luck with the challenge!

    cute and little
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  2. good luck with this! i would love to give this a try...but i think it would be too stressful for me!! lol.


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