Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Good News and Some Bad News

Good news: I wore some kitten heels today, no boots! ;)
Bad news: I decided not to complete the 28 Day Remix Challenge.

Before you call me a quitter, let me explain my reasons.

  1. I have lots of winter clothes that I need to wear before the cold weather goes away. New clothes, just sitting in my closet, collecting dust.
  2. My 28 items are kind of 'safe' in regards to color so I end up wearing a lot of black.
  3. Some of the 28 items are not appropriate for the weather we've been having, so I'm not really sure why I picked them in the first place.
  4. I just found out about two new events that I will attend this month that require clothes not in the remix items. 
I will still share photos of as many outfits as I can, and hopefully they will be good ones. And the most important part of this challenge for me was the 'no shopping' rule, which I plan on sticking with, that will not change! I'm actually feeling pretty strong that I can get through the rest of the month without shopping for clothes/makeup/skincare products. Although it has been tough since I keep getting coupons in the mail for all my favorite stores for this month. Sadly, they've been going straight to the trash...but its good for me and my closet!

I love that this sweater has a ribbon trim going down the sides where the buttons are sewn. Just adds a little something different.


  1. very valid reasons for discontinuing the challenge. i admire you for sticking up with the no shopping though! :)


  2. Too bad your not gonna be doing it but you got to put yourself first.

  3. i love the ribbon trim on the cardigan!! very lovely remix. :)

    cute and little

  4. those are legit reasons. Good job not shopping!


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