Monday, January 31, 2011

WOTD: Workout of the Day

Finally, I did some weights today! It was kind of a weak workout, especially since I haven't lifted weights regularly since the end of October, but it was better than not doing it at all. This is what I did:
  • stretching
  • 5 minute warm-up on treadmill
  • machine shoulder press (3 sets)
  • seated row (3 sets)
  • wide grip lat pull-down (3 sets)
  • seated leg press (3 sets)
  • step-ups with weighted ball (3 sets)
  • sit-ups
  • plank
  • stretching
I forgot to take my little notebook and my phone, so I didn't get to write down the weights for each set. However, I can assure you the weights were all lower than when I was regularly lifting a few months ago. Oh can only get better, right? 

The plan for tomorrow is to do some cardio and yoga (if I can make it to the class; I don't like doing it on my own at home).

I hope you all (anyone out there reading this?) get a good workout in today!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

28 for 28 Remix Challenge

I was just thinking about how many clothes, shoes and accessories I own, including brand new items that still have tags on them. This is a problem. I NEED to wear what I have before I buy anything else. After reading about Kendi's 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, I decided to finally participate and try the whole "remixing" thing. Except I'm going to do 28 items for 28 days since it will be February. Okay, I know, I'm trying to make it as short as possible, but even 28 items for 28 days will be a challenge. And no shopping is allowed during the 28 days. Oh, and accessories don't count as part of the 28 items, but shoes do.

I can do this. I WILL do this. I think it will be fun, really. It will give me a chance to be creative and save some money...and more importantly, use all the new stuff I have. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be posting pictures of my clothes...maybe a couple items, but I'm not comfortable posting my picture. Maybe I can post headless ones. We will see. Anyone else joining in the winter remix challenge?

By the way, since I'm finally going to try this challenge (mostly in an effort to decrease my shopping and also to use the many items I already have), I'm also adding my own little twist. I'm not allowing myself to purchase any new makeup or other face products. This is partly because I bought makeup this weekend on my trip and don't need any more...and also since I realized how many different face cleansers, moisturizers, and masks I have. I need to get down to only one of each product.

Well, there you have it - my  shopping (more like no shopping) related goals for February.

  • No shopping (including clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup)
  • 28 items remixed for 28 days
  • Use face masks and face creams regularly (to use up what I have since I paid for it!)
Wish me luck!

Snack Time

Well, I've been away on a trip so not much cooking or working out has been going on. I had some great food on my trip (went to Seattle for a conference) but didn't think to take pictures of it. I might try to re-create some of those dishes, or at least describe them on here so some of you can attempt to make them. 

For now, here's a quick snack that is very healthy and super easy. Take a serving of low fat cottage cheese, add a serving of peanut butter/almond butter/sunflower nut butter, and then add a diced apple/sliced banana. You get some protein, healthy fat, and fruit. It's filling and tastes pretty good, and includes a mix of textures. If you don't like cottage cheese, you can switch it with some plain fat free/low fat greek yogurt, which also has a good amount of protein. 
This is a pic of my snack from last week: fat free Fage, diced apple, almond butter. 

*I am not a nutritionist but am constantly trying to learn about food. If I say anything inaccurate, please feel free to correct me. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Product Review: Vega Shake & Go Smoothie, Choc-a-Lot

I had read about some Vega products on other blogs and seen the brand at the local whole foods market, so I decided to try a Vega smoothie. I LOVE chocolate and went with the Vega Shake & Go Smoothie in Choc-a-Lot. One serving is 30g, has 120 calories, 3g of fat, 12g of carbs (5g fiber), and 12g of protein. Also, it is advertised as having 2 servings of vegetables in it! 

It is a vegan product and contains no common allergens, including corn, dairy gluten, soy, wheat and yeast. Typically, I would worry that a product like this would not taste good, but I wanted to try it and shelled out the $23 for a 300g bag. The directions say to mix it with water, but I like my smoothies and protein shakes with milk, so I mixed it with milk...and it was delicious! It tasted chocolatey and the texture was good. It wasn't really a smoothie texture, it was kind of watery, like a protein shake. However, the taste was good and apparently it is healthy so I guess it was worth the price. Give it a try! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Quickie Shopping Trip

So, one thing I should probably mention about myself is that I love shopping. Any kind of shopping really - for the house, for my doggies, clothes for myself or hubby, other people (when I have extra $). Well, I took a quick little shopping trip today because I had a coupon from Express and needed (wanted?) a new pair of jeans. Here's my purchase:
They are a pair of jeggings. Yes, I said jeggings. They are comfortable and cute. I paid a little more than I would have liked, even with the coupon, but they fit well so I think it was worth it. I especially like the pockets.
My only other purchase from today (surprisingly, only two purchases!) is a lace top from Gap. I got it for $9.99. Score!


Okay, so I just made up that word right now. Zoodles = zucchini noodles. I found the idea for this on one of the many food blogs I visit (unfortunately I don't remember which one). The original idea calls for the use of a spiralizer, but since I don't have one I used a potato peeler. 
I think I'm in love with zoodles. Whole wheat pasta? Not planning on buying more of that any time soon. If you like zucchini, and want to get more vegetables into your day, I think you'll like this dish.

2 medium sized zucchini zucchini
evoo or whatever oil you use to saute veggies
your favorite sauce (I used tomato alfredo)
small purple onion
any other veggies you want to add to your sauce

Wash and peel the skin off the zucchini. Then, start peeling long flat strips of the zucchini to make noodles. Once you start seeing the seeds, stop peeling. You can use the leftover zucchini for later (I diced it up and added it to the sauce). Set noodles aside.

To make the sauce, dice the onion and saute in a bit of evoo. 
Then, add in diced zucchini (plus whatever veggies you want to add).
Saute for a bit then add in cottage cheese (you don't have to add this but I did because I needed the protein and also because it gives it a nice cheesy taste). 
Cook until the cottage cheese sort of disintegrates and gets saucy. Then, add in your favorite sauce. 
I love tomato alfredo sauce! 
While the sauce is cooking, take the noodles and lightly saute them in some evoo so they will be soft and not raw. 
Once those are done, pour the sauce over them and enjoy! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Blog is Born

After much thought and following of many fashion, fitness, and food blogs, I gave in and created my own. Right now, it's pretty bare and will be for some time. I have no clue how to navigate my way through this blogger world and create a fancy blog, so it's going to take some time to learn. 

As far as what's to come in the future...posts about my attempt to be fashionable, get fit, and try cooking/creating all kinds of food! Consider all this the splash of red in my otherwise boring life as a graduate student...and my husband, doggies, and friends and family are the specks of gold that make my life glamorous (at least in my eyes)! Stay tuned...