Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brown and Black?

I decided to wear a mix of brown and black today...brown boots with black clothing, and a brown necklace. I don't know that I've ever mixed brown and black least not on purpose. I never thought it was 'allowed'. What do I know? I really wanted to wear this blazer but didn't want to wear my black boots. I wanted to wear leggings but only like wearing leggings with boots. To add another brown piece to the look I put on a brown beaded necklace. I think the outfit worked. I got some nice compliments on it. That's usually a good sign.


  1. I like.. and can relate to the Brown/Black dilemma. Somehow I got it in my head that one should wear brown OR black but not the 2 together. You pulled it off well.

  2. Thanks Kelly! I wish I had a blog-friendly camera so the pic would be less dark and you can actually see the brown. ;)


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