Friday, February 18, 2011

A little bit of leopard

Yesterday was a mixed weather kind of day. It was cloudy at first, then there was some sunshine here and there. It started off a bit cold and breezy, then it got warmer. I decided to put on a dress for work (yes, you guessed it - a black dress) and didn't feel comfy enough with bare legs so pulled on some tights. Added a sweater and for that pop of color a red leopard print scarf. I LOVE this scarf and it was the last one left at Zara. I was so excited to find it because I had been wanting something with leopard print but not the traditional colors. And this scarf has my three favorite colors - red, black, and gray!

The only thing I don't like about this scarf is the shape - it's like a rectangle, so I don't really know how to wear's not long enough to wrap around much...any ideas?


  1. Im not good at wearing scarfs.. so cant help there, but definitely like the pop of color. And i like the black dress very much - simple & work appropriate.

  2. Hope you post pics of your outfits this weekend (hint hint) ;)

  3. Thanks ladies - this is my favorite scarf in my closet right now!

    Kelly - I will be posting a pic of tonight's outfit. You want to join me? ;)


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