Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only Tuesday?

It feels like a Thursday...can I have a weekend again? The last one just flew by! I think I'm feeling worn out because I've been getting up early the past two days: 4:30am. Why in the world would I do that, you ask? Because I'm trying to work out in the morning before getting my day started. Yesterday was hot yoga at 6am, today was a gym workout at 5:30. It feels good to get it over with, but then I feel like I have so much time left in the day...yet I'm still not very productive somehow...?

I'm participating in Melissa's Two Truths and a Lie today...
  1. The Notebook is one of my favorite movies.
  2. I have never cut my hair shorter than chin length.
  3. I can't live without coffee - I drink it daily.


  1. Lol that's exactly what I said when I woke up this morning, I need a weekend now! ... anyways gotta make the best out of the week and get some work done before and YES! coffee helps me drag my self from bed to work every day!

    Wish you a wonderful week/end!

  2. Hehe! I think the lie is number 2....am I right?

  3. ok I am going to say #2 is the lie. I want to see pictures of your cute hair.

  4. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to reveal my lie....but #3 is the lie. I dislike the taste of coffee and only drink it on rare occasion, like when hanging out at a coffee shop.

    My hair is as short as it's ever been now - right around my shoulders.

    Melissa - my hair is awful - curly and frizzy. But thank you! ;)

  5. I want to say #1 is a lie, but I know it's #2. *wink, wink*

  6. Early Bird... Nice!

    I like the 2 truths, 1 lie game. :)


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