Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Ladies of Beverly Hills

The ice on the roads around here has not melted, campuses are still closed, and I'm still sitting at home in my PJs. No, not in the same PJs I wore yesterday...or on Tuesday. I showered and put on a CLEAN pair of PJs and continued to stay indoors. No workout today. No cooking. No shopping (aren't you proud?).

So...what can I write about? Well, sitting around and watching television has given me a lot to write about. How about the housewives of Beverly Hills for a topic? I love this group of housewives. Wait, I take that back. I love the drama that exists in this group of housewives, but I only like a couple of them. My favorite ladies are Kyle and Lisa. Oh, and I like Adrienne too, I just tend to forget about her because she's not involved in much drama. But she's cool. I especially like her "hair bling" or whatever it's called. Too bad it probably only looks good in blond hair.

More about the fun ladies - Kyle and Lisa. I like Kyle for a number of reasons. She says what is on her mind. She has a hot husband. She seems the most real. She has dark hair (Can you tell I'm not a blond?). She gave birth to her own children and appears to be a really good mother.

Lisa - I love her sense of humor. And she tells it like it is. She is kind-hearted. A little too much if you ask know, the whole thing with Cedric and all. She has an adorable accent. She lives a glamorous lifestyle.

Back to Adrienne - she's cool. I mean come on, she owns a casino in Vegas! She stays neutral in drama, which is nice...but it's no fun. Ha. I think that's all that comes to mind about her.

Now for the ladies I don't like so much...

Camille - ugh. I feel bad for her being hit with a cheating husband and divorce and all...nobody deserves that. But she's not very nice. And she really does seem delusional. And what's with the kissing another married man on the lips?! How is that appropriate? I also wonder about her true reason for using a surrogate...

Taylor - double ugh. I didn't dislike her from the beginning, but she started losing points pretty quickly. She seemed to be the "pot-stirrer" for sure, just like she was accused of being. And what is she doing in that marriage that she obviously is not happy a BH lifestyle, that's what.

Kim - hmm...well, I can't help but feel a bit sorry for Kim after the finale episode. That was bad. She needs to  stop being such a little girl though and stick up for herself and her sister. And deal with that other little problem that nobody wants to mention...even though it's already out in the open now.

Well, there you have it. My thoughts on the BH housewives. If you missed out on this season, catch the re-runs! If for nothing else, at least to get a glimpse of their glamorous lives!


  1. lol, yay for the crazy weather and getting all caught up on tv shows! i think we actually ran out of tv shows for the first time. and how lucky that you didn't have to cook either! :)

    cute and little

  2. I completely agree! Housewives of BH are my favorites... particularly Lisa, Kyle, & Adrienne!

    And I often feel sorry for Kim and Camille. Im on the fence with Taylor.

    I look forward to the unseen clips airing on Tuesday... I think!


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