Monday, March 21, 2011

Crunch No More

Well, getting back to a "real" Monday after a week off from school wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Actually, it was pretty productive. Started my day off with the usual green juice, then I finally hit the gym! Last week I worked out at home and even though I have weights and a stability at home, my work-outs are usually lame. My workouts at the gym are always much better. But for some reason, getting my butt to the gym is sometimes difficult...

Luckily this morning that wasn't the case! I had a great workout with some weighted walking lunges, wide-grip lat pull-down, chest flys, leg curls, squats with the olympic bar, assisted pull-ups, and ab work. For my abs, I didn't do a single crunch! I'm in the "no-crunch zone" now. What's the no-crunch zone you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

I just bought The New Rules of Lifting for Abs last week...gotta work on that six-pack for summer, haha! just. kidding. A flat stomach would be nice to start off with. Anyway, this book basically says that crunches don't do anything for you. One of the exercises it suggested was the plank. I often do the plank, but this book offers many progressions to the plank that work your core. For example, there's the 45-Degree Plank, Plank with Leg Lift, Swiss-Ball Plank, and many more. 

This book offers a lot of information, including some simple nutrition guidance. If you want to try something new and work on getting those sexy abs, pick up this book!

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  1. ooooh. Great find for the summer tummy! I like. Will definitely look into! :)


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