Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet

I just downloaded this book on my new Kindle!! Well, mine and hubby's new Kindle to share. ;) It's kind of fun to read on here. Looking forward to reading this book and sharing my thoughts about it with you all.

The week has gone by quickly! Just been busy with school and work, and getting those dishes clean every night before bed, haha. No sink full of dishes in the morning!

I hope to get in a good cardio workout tomorrow and make plans for Spring Break...even though I won't actually be going anywhere, I need to plan out how I want to make the most of my time off - getting some work done, organizing/cleaning the house and my home office, eating healthy and working out, and spending time with others!

Hopefully I will have a good food post for you tomorrow. We shall see!

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  1. sounds like an interesting book! can't wait to read your review.

    cute and little


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