Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crazy Busy Fun

Hi there! Hope you all had as great a Saturday as I did! It was the best day I've had in a while...probably because I didn't worry about school and just enjoyed the day with my doggies and hubby, did some housework, shopping, and ate yummy food.

Started my day with this:
Green juice - green apple, cucumber, celery, romaine, parsley, ginger
Orange juice - 2 oranges and one pink grapefruit
I had the orange & grapefruit juice, hubby had the green juice. There was only enough cucumber for one juice, and I really wanted the green one, but let him have it instead. See how nice I am. :) Btw, I am NOT a fan of grapefruit - next time I will have to add in another orange or something to reduce the bitterness.

Then, as hubby went to work out and be all healthy, I decided not to hit the gym and instead spend some time with the doggies outside since it was such a beautiful day. We went to visit my neighbor who loves the doggies and they love her. I jumped on her huge trampoline while they swam in her pool. It was great!

Lunch was a "salad beast" as Gina and other bloggers refer to huge salads:
Salad beast - romaine, red bell pepper, feta cheese, avocado, sesame ginger dressing
For extra protein - crispy tofu in soy ginger sauce
After lunch I got ready to do some shopping with hubby. We were out for a few hours trying to take care of a couple errands and look for specific items. He found what he was looking for but I only found some random things that were not on my list...but bought them anyway. I don't know why I've been having such trouble finding clothes lately. It's an unusual problem. However, I did find these two lovely dresses at Nordstrom Rack:
I saw this dress last week at the Max Studio outlet but it was double what I paid for it today. Score! My two fave colors - red and black, and I can wear it to work. It fits nicely and gives me some shape.
close up of the lace

I like the color and lace on this dress, and it seemed appropriate for spring. I could wear it to work with a cardigan. It was only $25!!
I also got these shoes...they were so comfy and I figured they would be cuter than flip flops to wear to the pool or something...but hubby thought they were weird. What do you guys think?

They are like so jelly shoes or whatever they were called. They were only about $17 and super comfy, but maybe not so stylish?

Our evening continued with a trip to Whole Foods. Here are a few new things I picked up to try:

I tried the choco macaroons as soon as I got home and they were amazing! YUMMY and healthy apparently!!

Oh, and we had dinner at Bliss Raw Cafe. It's a raw, vegan, organic restaurant. I had the spaghetti and "meatballs". It was pretty good. Here are my leftovers:

Hubby didn't get any food because he ate at the mall, and I also think the menu items didn't appeal to him...but he had a healthy drink of goji berries and some other stuff in it. He said he liked it. I can't wait to go back and try some more of their dishes!

Well, I think I'm going to read some CSD and get to bed. Hope to make it to church in the morning! Have a great Sunday!!


  1. Love Nordstrom Rack and Beast Salads LOL. You got some great things I love the detail on the last dress. The lace is so pretty

  2. what an awesome Saturday! glad you got to enjoy it. I like your shopping finds and that food looks so good.

  3. mmm, those juices look good actually! i'm just getting back into juicing. and i've heard good things about Bliss Raw Cafe too! will have to try it out. :)

    cute & little

  4. oh my goodness love those lace pieces ;) ;) the food looks amazing too!!

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